Sunday, 28 March 2010

End of Talisker Bounty Boat dream

Hi all,

This week I had my final medical and I received my test results back and I'm totally gutted to report that it's become clear that I won't be fit enough to participate in the Talisker Bounty Boat expedition. The doctors who I have been seeing whilst I've been recovering from my operation won't sign me as fit and are saying I shouldn't go.

Although the tests I've had to take have came back clear, the lymph glands in my abdominal area are still inflamed despite the time it's been since the operation which according to my doctor implies that there is still stuff going in on my body following the operation. The doc also said that this would explain why I am not putting any weight back on at the moment.

What with having my appendix out, I've lost just over a stone and I haven't been able to put any back on since arriving back home. The doc said it's as if my body has been through the trip once already and is still not far along the road of recovery. I real fine mentally and am raring to go, but physically still don't have anywhere near the amount of energy I used too.

Everyday that I've been home I've been hoping that the next day I would improve further and faster but it just hasn't really been happening. I had fully expected to be fit and dandy by now but it seems that my body just isn't recovering as fast as we'd all like it too.

So feeling really hacked off; I'm now announcing that I'll be off the boat simply down to health reasons and so now there is a place on the boat to fill. Anyone want to go and fill my spot??

The good news is that the book launch is going really well and I have probably signed over a hundred books for different people. I am actually really chuffed at the way it has gone and it is very satisfying to think that my story is in bookstores all over the country and now I am officially an 'Author'. I wonder what my English teachers must think of me!



  1. Sorry to hear that Mike.

    I'm reading your book at the moment and thoroughly enjoying it!

    Hope you get better soon


  2. Hi there Mike, really sorry to hear that you cant take part. With them being two people short now do you think they might put things on hold? Main thing now though is to get you better. I have had problems for over 5 years with anxiety things and have found out this year that I have an over active thyroid, which could have been the cause all along (I couldn't put on weight either). I know how annoying it is to have to wait, not being able to do anything about it. Take things easy for a bit, hope your feeling your normal self again soon. Like everyone else, Im looking forward to sharing your next adventure with you. x

  3. What a huge disappointment you must feel about your not being able to do the Bounty trip. However you must put your health first as you are doing. Sometimes hard to understand the "Why?" at the time but doors close even while doors close. Let's see what other great opportunities arise now.

  4. Mike
    Sorry to hear that the medicals are going to hold you back. There's sure to be another adventure around the corner. I'm about 1/3 of the way through my autographed copy of your book. Your an amazing young man and I see a great future in you. Keep the chin up.
    Dennis (USA)

  5. Keep smiling Mike. I know, for you this is very difficult and certainly not welcome. There have been a lot of wheels in motion to make this voyage happen, but with two crew down, perhaps a 'breather' could be taken to clear up your health and acquire a fourth crewmember.
    Who knows, your follow-on big adventure might have to be moved up a bit when your health returns. If it's any consolation, your doctors aren't making this up...I had noticed your weight loss in recent photos...oops did I say that? lol.

    Well, first things first Mikey...get yourself back in ship shape and the rest will fall in place mate.

    There'll just be a little delay before you get to see the dolphins again.


  6. sorry to hear about you having to hold back on the Bounty Boat. Finished your book and loved it! feel better

  7. Hi Mike so sorry to hear your news you must be very disappointed, but as others have said your health comes first. Hope you will soon be better & that an other adventure will come your way soon.
    Kind regards Beryl Scott (cheeky monkey)

  8. Mike, I've been following your progress since you were out on the high seas last summer and, with a son of my own exactly your age, I have the highest regard for your accomplishments thus far. This is just a small bump in your lifelong journey and by no means the end of adventure for you! Some things are just not meant to be so just focus on getting yourself back into 'fighting form' at this point - I'll be watching to see where you go from there ...
    BTW, you might enjoy knowing that you inspired me to out there and finally learn to sail last summer - small dinghies - and this year I'm signed up to tackle keelboats. Highly doubtful I'll ever accomplish in my lifetime what you've already done in yours though.
    All the best from Ottawa, Canada!


  9. I can't get anything else done reading your book! And I'll still buy a bottle of Talisker when the journey is launched. Too bad for you, I do understand.

  10. Dude, I'm so sorry to hear that. I can only image how you must feel. But youur health must come first. I'm sure your future will hold many more adventures.

  11. So sorry to hear your news Mike. I am sure you are devastated at the moment but life throws these challenges to us all. Look after your health and more challenges you can chase will appear. Will be taking the book on holiday in the next couple of weeks and are looking forward to the read. Give our love to your Mum and Dad.

  12. Am sure you feel really sad at being unable to do the trip, but what would be much worse would be to have gone on it and been ill on the trip and ruined it for the rest of the crew. I "demolished" your book in 3 days flat, and keep re reading parts of it. Well done! and there will be plenty more adventures to come.

  13. Sad to hear you can't make it Mike! I was looking forward to meeting you. I am one of the Diageo people going on the support boat, and I am pretty excited! I hope you get better soon!

  14. Hi Mike

    Bit of an odd question!

    In your book, in the section when you have to go over the side to free some rope from the rudder, you talk about stripping down to your shorts.

    Now, I know teenagers can be shy about their bodies, but in the middle of an ocean hundreds of miles from anyone?

    Surely, you'd have been better leaving your clothes onboard? I know how hard it is to dry off salty garments, especially if you can't rinse them in fresh water.



  15. Elizabeth (UK)1 April 2010 at 19:20

    Tough call Mike, but you’re doing the right thing. Your health is the most important thing. Let your body take time to fully repair itself – remember the sheer physical effort of sailing solo around the world against ferocious conditions, with very little quality sleep for months, the added stresses of major equipment failures and tight financial constraints, all take their toll. Hope you get well real soon.

    Mike, your book is great! I’ve just started reading it for the second time, it’s so good.:)

    Best wishes to you and your family.
    Elizabeth ;)

  16. Sorry to hear about your bad news Mike ....but at the same time relieved. Never thought much of the Bounty Boat concept and your appendix problem just reinforced this. If you always walk on the edge one day ............

  17. Hi Mike,
    Oh how sad I am that your next adventure has been taken off the books. Being a nurse, I am quite concerned about your health. Please keep us up to date on your recovery. I love your book, you are such a good writer. It takes a lot of commitment to come home from sailing around the world solo and then do what it takes to write a good book. Now stay focused on getting well. The right adventure will be waiting for you when your body is ready.
    Kathy - Bend, Or USA

  18. Mike-sorry to hear about the setback. I'm sure you'll be back to health and planning another great adventure in no time. Relax, get better, and best of luck in the future!

    Mike (Washington, DC)

  19. wow, I'm just catching up with your news and I am also saddened by your news... it sounded like you were the perfect person to go with your friend Don and experience this extroidenary adventure. I'm sure you are disappointed - but like everyone else has said.... health first. I'm like another person too, who saw in photos of you that you looked thinner. Maybe it's because seeing you in photos is all we know... but do take care and ask lots of questions - ask for all the tests you can think of. Also, I do know that all the flying it sounds like you've done in the last 4 months or so, can do a lot of harm to someone who is potentially not well... even appendix, flying exacerbates the symptoms to a point of bringing them on sooner than nature had planned. From my personal point of view, my mother experienced a ruptured appendix during her flight from Vancouver to Barbados! all was well after her operation after landing in Barbados, but she was very thin and took a long while before she started complaining about gaining weight!~ All that said - look after yourself!

    Take care,
    love, from someone who followed you around the world!!